3 Tips for Finding New Recipes for People With Dietary Restrictions

For some, opening up a cookbook means opening up a world of possibilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But for those with dietary restrictions, a cookbook can seem like a long list of recipes that don’t fit into their eating requirements. Does this mean that a person is stuck with the same meal, day after day? With more people moving towards a plant-based diet or gluten-free diet, there are new resources emerging to take advantage of. Here are three tips for finding recipes that will work with specific dietary restrictions.


Gone are the days of using social media to simply keep up with friends. Now companies are also putting themselves into them mix and offering customers lots of incentives to pay more attention. Take a look at Hampton Creek on Facebook. In addition to the latest news released by the company, there are lots of recipes and information that can be helpful when the time comes to prepare a meal. In addition to businesses, keep an eye out for friends with similar food restrictions as recipes are always making their way around.

Toss Out Labels

There is a lot of crossover between different types of dietary choices. Don’t get caught up in using only one word to describe the types of foods that work best. This means that a vegetarian should take a closer look at recipes geared towards vegans. The crossover between groups often offers lots of recipes that will work for everyone. This isn’t always the case. Someone looking to avoid dairy may not be interested in a macaroni and cheese that is considered vegetarian. But there are lots of options out there that may work for a variety of people, regardless of title.

Consider a Substitute

Sometimes there is no need to seek out a new recipe. Instead, consider changing up a current recipe that will work when certain ingredients are substituted. If mayo is out of the question, look for an alternative that will work with the diet restrictions. If eggs aren’t going to work for someone, consider looking for something to replace them. Once again, Hampton Creek offers a solution with lots of different products that can work as a substitute in a recipe while still delivering amazing taste and quality.