Could Hair Weaves Be The Ultimate Styling Solution?

Although there are a few women in the world with effortlessly beautiful hair, most agree that great styles are hard work. That is one reason that A-list celebrities depend on hair weaves. The extensions are typically made from human hair and can be added and removed quickly. They allow wearers to change styles and colors without damage to their own hair. Some women swear that weaves are the answer to a prayer, but those who do not have personal stylists and unlimited bank accounts need to do a little homework before having the pieces added.

Not All Weaves Are Created Equal

Hair extensions are made in a huge variety of colors, lengths and styles. That allows women with short hair to add instant length and those with straight strands to enjoy quick curls. However, the hair comes from a wide variety of sources, and each has its own unique characteristics. The finest products, made from unprocessed hair, are silky and can be re-used. Known as remy extensions, these products are the most sought after and often the most expensive.

Weaves Need Routine Maintenance

Some women buy, add and maintain their own weaves, but that can be labor intensive for an inexperienced person. They need to be moisturized daily and washed often, to retain their beauty. Although high quality extensions can be styled, they will not retain their good looks forever, even with constant upkeep. Most users have them professionally refreshed or even changed every few weeks.

Professional Stylists Guarantee the Best Experience

It is always a good idea to have weaves added by well trained stylists. They use several techniques to add hair, including sewing, fusion, bonding, interlocking and strand by strand. Since sewing works with the majority of hair types, many stylists recommend it. Regardless of how weaves are added, wearers should visit stylists on a regular basis. Professionals can spot and correct problems and quickly freshen looks. Many also sell a variety of hairpieces and can recommend the best choices.

Women who want to look their best at all times often have weaves added to their hair. The best extensions are made with high quality, unprocessed human hair and will remain silky for a long time. However, weaves should be added, maintained and removed by professional stylists, who can prevent problems.