No One My Age Should Actually Have Age Spots

I inherited the brown spots from my dad’s side of the family. Mom has perfectly clear skin, but dad has those liver spots. That’s what he calls them. Some people call them age spots. They are brown and I don’t like them. I was invited by a friend to visit website information that shows a place that can get rid of those brown spots. The treatments have really worked on me. I like how clear my skin looks without those dark pigmented areas. I mean, freckles are one thing, but these dark spots are not pretty. My neighbor has red hair, green eyes and freckles. She is very pretty. My brown spots on my skin just make me look old. I am the same age as my neighbor, and people have asked me before if I was her mother. Not a good feeling at all.

The treatments to remove my brown spots have made me look so much younger. I should have started it when they first began to appear instead of waiting until I had so many of them. This is something I will keep up on as time goes on. I am very pleased that I no longer have to wear long sleeves to cover them up. I was embarrassed in a bathing suit too. When a relative at the pool told me I reminded them of my dad, I think he could see the look on my face. He asked me what was wrong, so I told him. Then he said it was how I was acting and not how I looked. I was even more embarrassed then. I never realized I was so self-conscious about how my skin looked until that moment at the pool. It was actually the catalyst to get me to go and get the brown spots removed. No one my age should have age spots.